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Upcoming Events!

Worship Theology Boot Camp


An evening and morning of teaching on the Theology of Christian worship with
 Dr. Johnny Markin (Worship Studies, Robert Webber Institute). A systematic look at the topics that answer leadership questions about why we gather for worship and why we do what we do... when we do! This is a foundational part of being able to shape services and set vision for your church's approach to gathering. 


Open to all who are involved in or interested in the worship of the church: leaders, musicians, pastors, elders, chapel volunteers... or congregants who want deeper biblical study in a topic that gets overlooked for those who aren't involved directly in worship ministry.
BONUS: This material formed the core of the Worship 101 course at Trinity Western University as part of their Worship Arts undergraduate degree. If you are currently enrolled in worship or biblical studies elsewhere, check with your school about earning course credit for these sessions! 

Module 1 - What Is Biblical Worship?

  • Definitions of Biblical Worship - One word, many interpretations!

  • Revelation & Response - The pattern of biblical worship

Module 2 - The God We Worship

  • Theocentric Worship - Why worship is God-centred.

  • Christocentric Worship - Why worship is uniquely Jesus-focused.

  • Trinitarian Worship - What does it really mean to be 'Spirit-led' in worship?

Module 3 - Aspects of The Gathering

  • Forming mature saints through gathered worship.

  • Forming mature saints that scatter as worship.

  • Structures of Worship - Is there a biblical structure of gathered worship? What is liturgy?

  • Theology of song - what is the role of music in worship?

Please send us an email if you're interested in being part of one of these equipping events!


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