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"Isn't worship just about music?" 

Peter Brown, Surrey B.C.  -  "Worship Leader Institute was a refreshing dive into a deeper understanding of the theology of worship and the rationale for what we do as worship leaders in the local church. Having been to many worship conferences over the years, I had been longing for a bit more substance than is usually offered in that setting.  The Worship Leader Institute gave me, as a lay-leader, the tools to help equip and train our worship team, and to lead our congregation with an assured confidence in the biblical understanding of worship."   

Thomas Dekker, Mission B.C.  -  "It was really great to be part of the first class of Worship Leader Institute. The topics that we studied and the depth of which we went into them made me see and think about worship in a much more comprehensive way. The things I learned at WLI shaped my worship planning in many ways to serve my church with much more care and intentionality. I feel like I could go through it all over again and I would be learning new things every time."

Ajay Klassen, Abbotsford, BC  -  "Participating in Worship Leader Institute sparked a passion in me for the theology of worship leading, and gave me practical tools to implement good theology in my role as a Worship Pastor. I was inspired by Johnny’s ability to teach big topics in ways that are easy to understand and fun, and I would recommend all worship leaders to take advantage of the opportunity for learning, community, and encouragement that comes from participating in Worship Leader Institute."

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