Blending Biblical Theology and Practice to Equip Worship Leaders


W.L.I. is NOT just about making the music of church better, but rather a holistic approach that blends a robust theology of biblical worship with a culturally engaged approach to local church worship. While committed to seeing teams aim for a high level of musicality in worship, it is imperative that teams understand the goals of biblical worship and to know why that matters.


Who It Is For?

The Mentoring Track is for those leaders who have gone through the Leader Track but would like the ongoing support of initiating and navigating new changes as envisioned for their community.

  • Types of assistance include ongoing coaching, service analysis, rehearsal preparation and execution, team-building strategies, and other needs as identified.


The Leader Track is designed to facilitate the training of worship leaders/pastors with a view to strengthening their theological understanding and practice of worship and the Church, and to be able to craft a vision of worship in their local context via a unified team approach.

  • Leaders will be invited to participate in a 4-session mini-course alongside peers from other churches in a collegial setting of learning and support. See topics below

The Teams Track is designed to bring unity of understanding about the role and purpose of worship ministry in the church, and how a clearer understanding of our role can bring a greater sense of purpose to weekly engagement. Being able to lead teams from a place of unity brings great joy, and liberates leaders from the distraction of ‘putting out fires’ amongst team members.

  • Dr. Markin will teach 4 sessions to your gathered team(s). See topics below.


Leadership Approach

Forming leaders through a  3-fold approach: 

  1. Theological – developing a Biblical understanding of the role of worship in growing disciples in the local body.

  2. Devotional – cultivating the heart that leads one to become a more devoted worshipper and follower of Christ, the place from which we can lead others.

  3. Practical – addressing key and common challenges faced by leaders placed in leadership situations, both on and off the platform such as:

    1. Dealing with Criticism.

    2. Service Planning.

    3. Developing a vision for worship in your context.

    4. Learning to elevate your team's musicality.



Sessions will rooted in a training manual developed by Dr. Markin specifically for training worship teams and leaders. These are a series of 8 bible studies designed to teach theological principles in a way that's accessible to leaders of any educational background.

The Essential Elements of Christian Worship, Johnny Markin

 The Essential Elements of Christian Worship

A study guide for developing a biblical theology of Christian worship.

By Johnny Markin

Worship Leader Track

Session 1 - What Is Biblical Worship?

  • Definitions of Biblical Worship - One word, many interpretations!

  • The Dialogue of Worship - Look Who’s Talking

Session 2 - The God We Worship

  • Theocentric Worship - Why worship is God-centred.

  • Christocentric Worship - Why worship is uniquely Jesus-focused.

  • Trinitarian Worship - Why God is the first one into the room on Sunday!

Session 3 - The Goal of the Gathering

  • Structures of Worship - What’s the ‘end game’?

  • Forming mature saints through gathered worship.

  • Forming mature saints that scatter as worship.

Session 4 - Planning Foundations

  • Song analysis

  • More Than Words - Taking care about what we say when we lead services.

  • The Lord’s Table

  • Creeds

  • Prayers that form the faithful 


Worship Teams Track

Session 1 - Foundations 1:

Defining Biblical Worship 

  • What is Worship? 

  • The Right Object of Our Worship - How the Triune God draws us into worship.

Session 2 - Foundations 2:

The Response of the People 

  • Responding to God’s Self-Revelation.

  • We Gather to Scatter.

Session 3 - The Church at Worship 

  • Introduction to Liturgy - Why the structure of worship matters.

  • The Calling of NT Worship Leaders - What’s My Role in Ministry?

Session 4 - The Arts in Worship

  • The Role of Music in Worship 

  • Worship and The Presence of God.

AVAILABLE TRACKS for Key leaders or Team Growth